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Magic the Gathering ZENDIKAR RISING

Available Now!

Draft booster box (36) is $105 plus tax*

* Pre-paid orders at the $105 price ends on Friday, September 11.

Flights of Fantasy introduces GIFT CERTIFICATES! 
Find out more at our Gift Certificate page.

A Masters Series like no other! Each Double Masters booster contains an additional Rare or Mythic Rare card plus a guaranteed two foils. You won't believe some of the cards Wizards of the Coast put in this set. Play Modern, Pioneer, Commander, and more with long-awaited reprints. 

Special Draft Rule: Take two cards from your first pick each pack.

Flights of Fantasy is taking Pre-Paid orders at $310 + tax for regular  and $475+ tax for the VIP edition.  Quantities limited.

Double Masters VIP Edition
  • Double Masters VIP Edition contains 4 rare or mythic rare foils—2 featuring beautiful borderless art, printed here for the first time.
  • Play with some of the most dominating Magic cards ever, whether you're into Commander, Pioneer, Legacy, or all of the above.
  • As beautiful as they are powerful, most of the cards in Double Masters VIP Edition are foil— 23 foils in all.
  • Take in the scenery with 12 basic lands with special full art—2 in foil and 10 non-foil.
  • Contents: 33 Magic cards plus 2 double-sided tokens. 2 foil borderless cards, 2 foil rares or mythics, 8 foil uncommons, 9 foil commons, and 12 full-art basic lands (2 foil and 10 non-foil). 

The Heldeberg Workshop, a summer program for kids. Is providing virtual live online classes in Dungeons and Dragons! For more information, please visit https://www.heldebergworkshop.org/schedule/

Flights of Fantasy PHASE II REOPENING!

Starting Thursday, June 4, 2020, Flights of Fantasy Books and Games will be reopening for retail sales at our location at 381 Sand Creek Rd, Albany. This is in addition to our curbside pick-up and delivery services.

Our new store hours are Monday to Saturday from 12 Noon to 6 pm. Closed Sunday.

Only up to 10 customers will be allowed in at any one time. Here are the details and restrictions in order for the store to secure the safety of all concerned.

1. No mask, No entry. Only 10 people allowed in the store at any one time.

2. Curbside Pick-Up and Delivery is Still Available! Instead of coming to store, try our curbside service! Call us at (518) 435-9337 and we can complete the transaction over the phone and arrange a time for curbside pick-up at the store. If you prefer, we can always deliver (flat fee of $2.50 within 20 mile radius of store) or mail products to you (estimates provided).

3. As soon as you enter the store, please use the hand sanitizer provided at the door. Thank you for your patience!

4. Please maintain the 6 ft social distance whenever possible. Due to the configuration of the store, it is not always possible to maintain proper social distancing, so using your mask is key to enabling the store to open its doors, even to a limited number of people.

5. No in-store gaming. At this time, we are not offering any in store gaming nor do we encourage loitering to chat. In keeping with the current COVID-19 restrictions, we would appreciate your keeping conversation to a minimum and focused on product questions or information.

6. Sorry but our customer bathroom is CLOSED to the public at this time.

7. We do accept cash in addition to credit and debit cards. We can use your bag for your purchases, if you agree to bag your products yourself. Otherwise we can still put your purchases in plastic bags.

If you have questions, or want to place an order for curbside pick-up or delivery, call (518) 435-9337, texting us at (519) 542-7562, e-mailing us at fof.net@gmail.com, or via Facebook messenger.


For customers who wish to maintain social distance and still get some awesome books and games call ahead and make an appointment for CURBSIDE PICKUP at Flights of Fantasy by calling (518) 435-9337, texting us at (519) 542-7562, e-mailing us at fof.net@gmail.com, or via Facebook messenger. 

We’ll help you with your order, process your credit/debit payment, and have it ready for you to pick up! 

Flights of Fantasy has now partnered with Libro.fm, an independent audiobook company, to provide our customers with access to a wide variety of digital audiobooks which you can listen to on your iPhone, Android device, or PC. These audiobooks are available through our partner Libro.fm and all sales support our store. Read More

Book Publisher Baen Books Introduces the Baen Author Live Reading Series

“With the industry undergoing so many changes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and so many stores shuttered, we here at Baen Books have been trying to find ways to get our authors in front of audiences, and to find ways to connect both writers and readers with you, the stores that make up the backbone of the industry.” Read More

Flights of Fantasy specializes in science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy – New and used.

Also, we deliver and mail out all other items we carry too — MTG, D&D, Pathfinder, 40K, board games (delivery only on these items as mailing them is cost prohibitive), miniatures, paints, dice, etc.

If we have it in stock, we can deliver or mail it to you! 
Minimum $25 order. Credit or debit card required.

Contact Flights of Fantasy in Albany, NY at fof.net@gmail.com. We deliver within a 20-mile radius at a flat $2.50 fee and mail books out at $3.99 for the first book, and then $1.25 for every book thereafter.
You can also text Maria at (518) 542-7562, e-mail us at FoF.net@gmail.com or via Facebook Messenger.

For MTG trade/buy/store credit please contact Maria or Dave through the store or availability  
If you want cash, you must accept Paypal! 

We have thousands of MTG cards in stock from Alpha through current set and we are online with a TCG E-store at www.tcgplayer.com

Come on by and check them out!

Games with James!

Flights of Fantasy's Store Clerk James gives you the low-down on great games available right in the store!

Flights of Fantasy now has signed copies of the following authors' books:

Elizabeth Bear
Anne Bishop
Deborah Blake
Ben Bova
Peter Brett
David Brin
Kristen Britain
Terry Brooks
Lois McMaster Bujold
SC Butler
Patricia Bray
Chelsea Cain
Barbara Campbell
James Cambias
Cinda Williams Chima
David Coe
Glen Cook
Larry Correia
Julie Czerneda
Charles De Lint
Stephen Donaldson
David Drake
Sarah Beth Durst
Ian Esselmont
Steven Erikson
Charles Gannon
Max Gladstone
Alex Gordon

Charlaine Harris
Eloisa James
Les Johnson
Jack McDevitt
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Gregory Maguire
L. E. Modesitt
Kim Newman
Garth Nix
Joshua Palmatier
Rachel Pollack
Robert Redick
Mike Resnick
John Ringo
Kim Stanley Robinson
Pamela Sargent
Robert Sawyer
Alex Shvartsman
Rik Spoor
Kristine Smith
Allen Steele
Carol Stevermer
Charles Vess
Jo Walton
David Weber
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
George Zebrowski 

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