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MTG Players Please Note:
MTG Trade/buy/store credit takes place between 
11 am - 1 pm every Saturday at the store.
If you want cash, you must accept Paypal!

Upcoming Events
4/22-23  Amonkhet Pre-release weekend: Magic Pre-release is the first opportunity for players to get their hands on a new Magic set. One week before launch, participating WPN locations host Sealed Deck events with a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere.
4/22 (Saturday) 12:01 AM $25 entry fee- Short Flights - Prize support: Flights (packs based on record): 4-0 (10), 3-0-1 (7), 3-1-0 (4), 2-X (1)
4/22 2:30 pm $25 entry fee pre-register (up to day before event) and $30 on day itself - Prize supportMain event 16 players (packs): 1st (18), 2nd (10), 3rd/4th (4) Main event 16+ players (packs): 1st (36), 2nd (12), 3rd/4th (6), 5th-8th (3) 
4/23 (Sunday) 12 Noon $25 entry fee - Short Flights- Prize support: Flights (packs based on record): 4-0 (10), 3-0-1 (7), 3-1-0 (4), 2-X (1)
4/28 Amonkhet Release day - Buy a Box promo is FOIL Archfiend of Ifnir.
For each customer who purchases a full display of Amonkhet booster packs, you get a Buy-a-Box promo card, while supplies last. (Online orders are not eligible and distribution is one card per person.)
4/29-30 Draft Amonkhet Weekend
Draft Weekend celebrates the release of a new Magic set by giving players their first chance to draft with the new cards.
Booster Draft offers players get an opportunity to explore the new set and its mechanics, build their collection of new cards, and even specifically choose cards they might want to use in Standard decks.
Draft Weekend Participants playing in-store will receive an exclusive foil, alternate-art promo card - FOIL Oracle's Vault. This is not part of a player's draft pool. Good while supplies last! One per participant.
May 20-1pm MTG Amonkhet Game Day
$5 entry Fee- Standard - The current Standard format includes:
  • Battle for Zendikar
  • Oath of the Gatewatch
  • Shadows over Innistrad
  • Eldritch Moon
  • Kaladesh
  • Aether Revolt
  • Amonkhet
  • Prize support: Up to 30 Participants only

30 promo cards—one for each event participant - Trueheart Duellist.

8 rare, premium promo cards—one for each player in the Top 8 - Foil Glorybringer.

1 first-place playmat—for the winner of your Game Day event

Sat., May 13, 2017, 6 pm: Dan Pertiera will be reading and signing his debut fantasy novel The Dragonslaying Maiden.

Flights of Fantasy now has signed copies of the following authors' books:
Elizabeth Bear
Anne Bishop
Ben Bova
Peter Brett
David Brin
Kristen Britain
Terry Brooks
Lois McMaster Bujold
SC Butler
Patricia Bray
Chelsea Cain
Barbara Campbell
James Cambias
Cinda Williams Chima
David Coe
Glen Cook
Larry Correia
Julie Czerneda
Charles De Lint
Stephen Donaldson
David Drake
Sarah Beth Durst
Ian Esselmont
Steven Erikson
Charles Gannon
Max Gladstone
Alex Gordon
Charlaine Harris
Eloisa James
Jack McDevitt
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Gregory Maguire
L. E. Modesitt
Kim Newman
Garth Nix
Joshua Palmatier
Rachel Pollack
Robert Redick
Mike Resnick
John Ringo
Kim Stanley Robinson
Pamela Sargent
Robert Sawyer
Alex Shvartsman
Kristine Smith
Allen Steele
Carol Stevermer
Charles Vess
Jo Walton
David Weber
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
George Zebrowski 

Attention MTG Players:
Every Friday - MTG FNM at 6 pm

Standard is Free

Draft is $10 for 3 packs with a $2 store credit per entry as prize support.

We have brought back FNM Standard with prize support- Buy in is $5 with every entry translating to a $6 store credit as prize support!

We listened to you and now it is back!

We also continue to offer the FNM Booster Draft - still at $10/3 packs with a prize support of $2 store credit for each entry.

You can call the store with your credit card to reserve booster boxes and/or pre-register for the events.

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