Store Cats!

It’s no secret that book lovers are also frequently cat lovers as well and Flights of Fantasy Books and Games was a long-time refuge and home for rescue cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). 

In Memorium – Store Cats:
Miles (circa 2001-2009)
(joined store in 2004; d. 2014) 
(joined store in 2009;d. 2014)

Miles was our first store cat who joined us in 2001 and passed away in 2009. He was approximately 7 years old when joined our family and despite being FIV positive he lived a good 15 years!

Amber and Bob-Cat weren’t with Flights of Fantasy as long as Miles. Both were lovable and welcomed our customers with a head nug and a purr. They came to us as adults: Amber in 2004 and Bobcat in 2009. Bob-Cat had some injuries and Amber later developed cancer. Bob-Cat passed away at his station overnight near the cash register watching over us until the very end!  

The Zen of being Bob Too Perry
Then came Bob Too! Bob Too was a feral cat rescued by an FoF customer and joined the store in 2015. In addition to being FIV positive, Bob Too came to us with a broken tail, untreated hematomas in his ears (which caused them to whither), missing teeth, and long hair that was totally matted. Well, he got shaved, neutered, de-wormed, de-flead, and now he is DELIGHTFUL! Taking his station at the register, Bob Too was here to welcome our customers and continue FoF's tradition of providing a special home to cats with special needs.

During the pandemic of 2020-2021, Bob Too was adopted by one of our store employees and is living a very pampered life! He sometimes makes a return visit to Flights2. 

Bob Too is sometimes awake to greet you!
Deciding that Bob Too needed a furry companion of his own, we worked with the local cat rescue group Kitten Angels to find the most recent member of the Flights of Fantasy family - Harmony!

Harmony"Yes, you may kiss my paw."

Harmony, also an FIV-positive cat, joined the store in 2015. We thought Bob Too would enjoy the companionship, but he enjoyed her food more and began to gain weight! So, a loving and loyal Flights of Fantasy customer stepped up and took Harmony in, where she thrives as a cuddler extraordinaire!

Harmony all settled in her new home!