Dear Booksellers,

With the industry undergoing so many changes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and so many stores shuttered, we here at Baen Books have been trying to find ways to get our authors in front of audiences, and to find ways to connect both writers and readers with you, the stores that make up the backbone of the industry.

For about two months now, we have been hosting weekly author readings/Q&A events via Facebook LIVE on the Baen Books Facebook page:, every Wednesday at 8 PM. With a number of author events likely to be digital for the foreseeable future, we would like to extend an invitation for your store to participate in any or all of these events, either by hosting your own unique events, about which more below, or by sharing the videos in question on your own store pages, along with links to the book of the week on your own website so as to direct customers to your own store’s website.

To share the events, your involvement would not take any longer than it takes to share the post and to link to the product on your own store websites, perhaps 10 minutes at the very most, but would help authors reach new readers. The events are live, and so sharing in real time would be ideal, but sharing the posts after the fact would still be possible. (Although you can sign up for the reading under the “Events” section in FB to get notifications, direct links to the videos cannot be provided in advance, as linking to the videos is not possible until the livestream begins. But the videos will be found at the link above at the top of our Facebook feed at 8 PM every Friday!) Here’s a link to our previous readings:

If you’d like to host your own special author reading or book launch, we’d be happy to provide the support, connect you with our authors who do such readings, and help market the event.
The Baen Author Live Reading series seeks to capture as much of the experience of a bookstore signing event as possible, and with a lot of the country still sheltering in place, we’d like to help you bring science fiction and fantasy books straight to your customers. Our next several scheduled readings are listed below. If you would like to be apprised of future author readings and other events, kindly consider signing up for our newsletter at:
Forthcoming reading schedule:
5/27: Lois McMaster Bujold reads from PENRIC’S TRAVELS
6/3: David Drake reads from TO CLEAR AWAY THE SHADOWS
6/10: D.J. Butler reads from WITCHY KINGDOM

Christopher Ruocchio
Assistant Editor
Baen Books

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